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Welcome to the home of next generation decentralized personal computing!

Let's re-invent the web we know that does not work for you or your personal data.. Decentralize it and own a piece of the internet and live your digital life with complete Freedom on your terms!

Connect from your mobile apps, use your own secure personal e-mail server, connect your smart home devices, run P2P applications, run your own secured messenger and voice over IP application with end 2 end encryption, interact on a censorship free private social media network,run a Solid (Socially Linked Data) Pod - All under your complete control. After all it is your data, control your privacy and freedom of expression and monetize it if you want on your terms!

We help you host your own PC POD with Patriot PS Personal Server software on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) in the cloud or we can ship a PC Pod box with Patriot PS Personal Server softwrae installed and configured to your home which you can host at your home.

Copyright (c) Pexus LLC

All project logos - Thunderbird, roundcube, Riot, WeeChat, Nheko, Qaternion, ownCloud, Home Assistant, Mastadon, Solid Pod are owned by respective projects. Any software installed on pc-pod server is in accordance with their permissive licensing terms and installed and configured at the request of the user.

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